Iulian DATCU

Now that you know the name, let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am an independent consultant with my main characteristic being my passion for technology and evolving systems. Using my passion I am helping companies since more than a decade ago to optimize their IT Process and Automate their day to day work. To get as much as possible out of their personnel by taking out those boring, repetitive and long tasks. To keep them up-to-date with the top edge technologies in order to get those precious extra seconds in front of the competition. I am able to achieve this by using my years of experience in:

  • Technical systems (Hands-on Experience)
  • People & Resource Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Architecture & Design
  • Security & Intrusion Prevention
  • Continuous Integration, Optimization and Delivery

I am someone who is always learning but also trying to optimize what I learn. Tailoring each experience to get as much as possible out of it to help my client grow as best as they can.

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+352 691 680 770